Make Safety Simple.

Stop preventable incidents, accelerate your response times, and get the insights you need to save time and lives.

The Iceberg Problem

Hundreds of workplace accidents happen every day. Each one of these accidents is preventable.

We are given many early indicators before an accident occurs: near misses, unsafe acts, and unsafe situations.

The biggest opportunity for safety in the 21st century is to detect these early indicators and address them.

Our Solution

With the help of computer vision, the Buddywise system enables companies to detect and prevent unsafe situations, and improve incident response.

We cover key prevention indicators for some of the most common high risk scenarios like trips and slips, driving and collision, and entry to danger zones.

The Three Pillars

Taking you from reactive to proactive in your safety work.


Before prevention comes detection. Our computer vision models monitor key safety risks continuously, in real time. Your safety work becomes truly data driven in terms of detecting problem areas as well as following up on actions taken.


When risks are urgent we create intelligent alerts and automations that accelerate your response times. Other risks can only be understood when seen over time and we log these alerts to give you reports and insights.


Large volumes of observation data coupled with advanced analytics, make the basis of our reports, insights and calls for action. We provide the insights you need to make the right safety decisions.

Get setup in minutes.

Buddywise integrates with 90% of digital cameras, saving resources and time. Simply add the IP address of your existing cameras on our platform and you’ll be ready to start using the system in seconds.

We care about privacy

Our values are focused on the well being & safety of the individuals we work with, which mean that privacy & security are at the centre of every decision we make.


Your video feed is processed in real time and never stored. We never save identities or identify subjects. All output is anonymized, aggregated and reported by our dashboard and API as visual or tabular data. 


Camera data is secured by TLS protocol. The frames from cameras are never stored in the camera hardware. In addition, we use advance encryption for all communication within the Buddywise system. 


For each customer we work with, we do a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to ensure that we make a customer specific plan for minimizing the impact and to understand if we can do something beyond our general approach. 

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